Azealia Banks Delivers “Slow Hands”

2020 Chaos & Glory

Slow Hands

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks looks to Interpol’s catalog for her newly released single, a cover of the indie anthem “Slow Hands.”

Azealia Banks has always drawn influence beyond the realm of hip-hop, and her latest single “Slow Hands” finds her looking toward the indie-rock sphere for inspiration. In fact, the track is a cover of Interpol’s lead Antics single, which has since become one of the acclaimed band’s most iconic tracks. Yet Banks is not about to lay down a carbon copy of Paul Banks and company’s slow-burning guitar-driven classic — instead, she opts to put her own twist on it, reimaging the track with a bouncy and approachable groove.It’s hard to truly unpack the lyricism here, as they were penned by Paul Banks and not Azealia, but it is curious as to why she picked this song to cover. Perhaps the melody simply lent itself well to her vision. Perhaps she is a die-hard Interpol fan who calls the original “Slow Hands” a favorite tune. Either way, it’s an interesting release from the divisive yet undeniably versatile artist. Not to mention talented, showcasing impressive vocal chops throughout.


I submit, my incentive is romance
I watched the pole dance of the stars
We rejoice because the hurting is so painless
From the distance of passing cars
But I am married to your charms and grace
I just go crazy like the good old days

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