Azealia Banks & Onyx – “Salchichon”

Azealia Banks


Azealia Banks Feat. Onyx

Azealia Banks pulls out the braggadocio and some impressive bilingual rap skills over a dembow beat by Onyx on her new song inspired by Dominican Independence Day.

Even though the word “problematic” probably has a picture of Azealia Banks’ face next to it, nobody can deny that the Harlem-bred rapper has a penchant for producing some seriously catchy tunes. Just in time for the celebration of Dominican Independence Day this weekend, AB came through with a fitting, fast-flowing number titled “Salchichon” to prove that once again.azealia banks featuring Onyx salchichon

Onyx provides the perfect dembow instrumental to bring the whole Dominican influence full circle, meanwhile Azealia flexes an impressive bilingual flow that delivers the braggadocio and is quite X-rated if you can actually understand what she’s saying. Her Uptown upbringing via a Jamaican nanny who spoke patois surrounding by Spanish-speaking classmates shows all throughout this track, and ultimately gives an example of just how talented she can be when not wrapped up in unnecessary beefs or calling someone out for no real reason.

Listen to “Salchichon” by Azealia Banks featuring Onyx below, and enjoy your Dominican Independence Day weekend while turing up to this banger:

Quotable Lyrics:

Dame el freaky freaky freak freaky freak freakytona
N***a get the bone
Panocha peligrosa (Dangerous p**sy)
I’m in the zone-ah, .45 I’ll smoke ya
La cabra, la cabrona (The goat, the bad b**ch)
Meh drop it and meh turn and me twist it cause meh knew, see the men dem want me
And the way meh dash out, every man wants to cash out cause I get them horny
My body, it crab up (ey), everybody wanna crawl up in
It’s a diamond, I shine forever
Snipe n***as out Cx4 Beretta

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