Bryce Vine Drops Single “Baby Girl”

Sire Records

Baby Girl

Bryce Vine
Produced by Chad Hugo

Bryce Vine encapsulates a New York City summer in “Baby Girl,” produced by The Neptunes legend, Chad Hugo.

Bryce Vine is on another level, and his latest drop only further solidifies this truth. The subject of “Baby Girl” is a woman who just wants to dance, and after hearing that intoxicating beat, you will too. It’s no surprise that the track is produced by the legendary Chad Hugo—that Neptunes’ signature sound is practically detectable from a mile away. The track’s momentum picks up slowly, a steady beat leading to a chorus of claps that builds up to the effortlessly bouncy drop.The visuals for “Baby Girl” take us from double dutch in the street, to the barber shop, to the laundromat, as we follow Bryce around his New York City neighbourhood in the heat of the summer. Despite the NYC setting, the song was actually inspired by a night out in a city further south. “I was in Miami at a club,” Bryce revealed. “Which is rare for me, and I realized I didn’t have a ‘club song’—something that people can just put on when they want to have a good time. Not everything needs to be super deep, sometimes it’s about having fun for fun’s sake, and that’s what ‘Baby Girl’ is. It’s about a girl who doesn’t need the party lifestyle, but right now that’s what she wants.”

Quotable Lyrics

My baby doesn’t go out much
She said I get the same outcome (I get the same)
She used to party with the talcum (Whip it)
All in the middle like Malcolm

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