Burna Boy – “Odogwu”

2020 Atlantic Recording Corporation


Burna Boy

Afrobeat virtuoso Burna Boy is back with his first of the new decade, the rhythmic banger “Odogwu.”

Ever since African Giant hit the mainstream it’s been nothing but a ride for Nigerian afrobeat virtuoso Burna Boy. Never failing to draw infectious rhythms from his motherland, percussive and lush in their arrangements, Burna has quickly solidified himself as one of the game’s most capable melodists. Today marks the arrival of his new single “Odogwu,” the first release of 2020 and another promising chapter in his growing repertoire of hits.Burna Boy

Like many of his bangers, “Odogwu” is restrained, inviting listeners to willingly venture into his world. Frequent collaborator Kel P keeps the groove going with a simple drum and bassline, sprinkled with a playful guitar riff overtop. Reading the instrumental well, Burna pulls back and lets the music steer his course. “When I reach Igbo land them calling me Odogwu,” he sings, his flex emphasized by deep harmonies; “Odogwu” is a Nigerian word expressing “leader,” a testament to Burna’s status as a local hero.

We can only hope this latest single is the first pebble in a proverbial rockslide; not to be greedy, but a follow-up to African Giant would be much appreciated. He’s already ushered a new audience into the world of afrobeat, and Burna Boy’s reach is only set to get bigger. Check this one out now, and sound off.


When I reach Igbo land them calling me Odogwu
And as I enter the town I put am for agu
And nobody can stop you, na so we dey fly pass oh
Over any obstacle e be Odogwu

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