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Dan Folger Lays Down Bars On ‘More Money’

Dan Folger

Dan Folger, originally from Pittsburgh, is continuing to prove poise in the entertainment industry. He wastes no time on the track “More Money” where he shows his versatility on an up-tempo beat and sharp lyrics.

You can feel Folger dump his heart and soul into this single, with passionate words and a fast tone. Dan Folger succeeded in dropping a banger that will have an everlasting effect on his fans.

Dan Folger also released the single “Diddy Bop” alongside the single “More Money.” Both songs have fans going wild, accumulating to over 100,000 streams across all platforms within a few hours of the singles being released.

“I’m coming for the music industry and I want to make a splash at the end of this year, expect a lot more singles from me leading up to the tape in the coming months,” Dan Folger says.

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