'Dekonekte' By Florence El Luche Has Just Reached 1M Views
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‘Dekonekte’ By Florence El Luche Has Just Reached 1M Views

Florence El Luche

Florence Dure Jacques (born August 29, 1988), known professionally as Florence El Luche, is a Haitian actress, rapper, host, and entrepreneur. Although she also is an entrepreneur. However, music has always been a very important part for her.

Florence was always listening to different genres of music but she had a special connection with Rap and Hip Hop. About two years ago, she was offered to play the main role in two music videos as a model. This amazing experience had truly inspired her to pursue music as a career. Singing was another hidden talent for her, but she never knew it would take her to that level.

She is having a great time with music and has a lot of songs. One of her songs “Dekonekte” got an excellent response in the music industry. The song just got 1M views in just five days. It will be on the top list within few days as it keeps getting more and more views.

You can check out the new song available on youtube, Pandora, and other streaming services.

Check out “Dekonekte” on YouTube below:

Follow Florence El Luche on Instagram: @florencedure

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