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Em Nacirema’s ‘Timeless’ Continues To Climb The Charts

Em Nacirema

Em Nacirema, a hip-hop musician from Queens, Jamaica, demonstrated his musical prowess in 2021 as he seeks to further his career. Nacirema is a chill musician that creates upbeat songs that everybody may appreciate. His most recent single, “Timeless,” has received critical acclaim and sets the bar high for the young artist moving forward.

Being Em Nacirema’s finest work so far, “Timeless,” is getting the attention it deserves as the streams keep rolling in. Pulling in over 150,000 streams since its release date, there’s no question that Em Nacirema is now on everyone’s radar as time moves forward. The song hits on all cylinders thanks to Nacirema’s distinct style and flow over the catchy beat.

“Timeless” is a certified hit and should be on everyone’s playlist. As Em Nacirema showcases his pure talent on the track, it becomes clear to see he has what it takes to be a major player in the game today.

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