G Herbo Connects Exploration & Suge On “Death Row”

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Death Row

G Herbo
G Herbo delivers his new album “PTSD,” featuring a slick banger calling back to the “Death Row” era.
Chicago rapper G Herbo has officially returned with his brand new and highly personal album PTSD, which features appearances from Juice WRLD, Chance The Rapper, Lil Uzi Vert, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, BJ The Chicago Kid, and more. Yet one of the project’s strongest moments arrives when Herbo stands alone, taking to a slick guitar-driven instrumental heavy on the early-nineties sauce.
G Herbo Death Row New Song

“Death Row,” produced by DY Krazy, is enough to turn any hip-hop fan to Pavlov’s Dog, a historic reference that carries weight even decades removed from its reign. But as is always the case, there are levels here. “I was on Death Row,” raps G Herbo, in his opening bars. “I ain’t ever met Snoop, I ain’t ever met Suge, n***a living like a thug like I’m Pac though.” And therein lies the main thematic crux, the lifestyle that Herbo simultaneous embraces and recognizes as the source of his titular post-traumatic stress disorder.

It’s masochistic, really. “Still gotta slide in my ride, with a fifty drum, city dumb, I can’t have no fun, I got fifty guns,” he declares, boasting a collection that would put John Wick to shame. Still, part of the journey is understanding Herbo’s complex relationship with his environment; he is who is he because of it and all things considered he’s doing alright — at least on the surface. Check out the new song here, and sound off with your thoughts in the comments below.


You ain’t choosin’ niggas, you get diamonds from any of em
Runaway girl, I can line up with twenty of ’em
But that ho so fine it don’t make me nothin’
Broski tried to smash, she ain’t give you nothin’
Still gotta slide in my ride, with a fifty drum
City dumb, I can’t have no fun, I got fifty guns

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