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ItsGiovannie Pours Her Heart Into New EP ‘Money Talk, Vol. 2’


Brooklyn-born Giovannie Pierre-Louis, known professionally as ItsGiovannie comes from a unique background having an Italian mother and Haitian father. She was eventually sent to Haiti to live with her father and this is where she discovered her love of music and the rest was history.

Sliding into place like distant puzzle pieces suddenly magnetized towards one another when easily within our reach, “gio mix” introduces a surreal ItsGiovannie in her new EP “Money Talk, Vol. 2” that instantly tells us of the cerebral qualities this latest release from the acclaimed up and comer is going to be filled with.

Minimalism is the name of the game in this track, as jagged elements form a fleeting melodicism as rich as it is emotionally loaded. It’s hard to make this much out of so little, but if you’re ItsGiovannie, the entire process sounds all too simple inside of a studio.

“yad yad” picks up the tempo from where we leave off in “gio mix,” favoring more of an upbeat swing over the postmodern drone of the instrumentation we’re met with in the opening cut of “Money Talk, Vol. 2.” The vocal is clandestinely harmony-centric, but this doesn’t stop the beat from winning just as much of our affection as the melodic whimsy at the heart of the song would. There’s a lot less popping off in this piece than it would seem from a cosmetics perspective, but that might be the greatest charm of this disc – even when indulgence is a centerpiece, it’s never born of negative excesses.

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