Jay Gwuapo Pays Respect To Pop Smoke On “Long Live The Woo”

RCA Records

Long Live The Woo

Jay Gwuapo

Jay Gwuapo introduced Pop Smoke to music and now, he’s saying goodbye to his friend in a song.

As the legend goes, Jay Gwuapo brought his homie Pop Smoke to the studio one day and after he got a little too fucked up, Pop took over and recorded his first-ever song. From that point on, the late 20-year-old began his ascent to superstardom. The Brooklyn rapper was close friends with the 18-year-old Gwuapo, taking advantage of his studio time and coming up that way. Now, it’s time for East New York to show some love to the late King of Brooklyn.Gwuapo finds himself in more of an “R&B-drill” category, not necessarily competing against the other rising stars in his city with their deep voices and guttural inflections. His latest record was released just days after the death of his friend Pop Smoke, which includes a snippet from an interview that the rapper did at the end, where he credits Gwuapo as the reason he began rapping.Rest in peace, Pop. Listen to the new song below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I want my dawgs back
You got us head full of tears yeah we all sad
Had me feeling good because I really made my dawgs rap
Any situation bro was there ’cause he was on that
We was catching stains I hate to say it but it’s all facts
If I ain’t had a strap then bro was totin’ ’cause we both tac’
I could bring up shit they never knew but this shit more than rap
Tryna tell me focus on myself I want my blood back

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