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Juice WRLD’s Posthumous Album Starts With “Life’s A Mess” [Ft Halsey]

Grade A Productions

Life’s A Mess

Juice WRLD Feat. Halsey

Juice WRLD’s posthumous album “Legends Never Die” releases this week, featuring “Life’s A Mess” with Halsey.

Juice WRLD and Halsey managed to make magic together with the official “Without Me” remix and, with the late rapper’s new posthumous album being announced for later this week, they do so again on the first single “Life’s A Mess.”With Legends Never Die set for release on Friday, July 10, Juice WRLD’s team at Grade A Productions has officially dropped the lead single from the project, titled “Life’s A Mess” with Halsey.

The track is bittersweet, showing Juice at his most sensitive, singing about how life can be pretty miserable at times. However, he was able to make his way out of a rut through trials and tribulations. He references his positive relationships, including with his girlfriend Ally Lotti, and more themes that were always present in his music. Claiming that Ally “set him free,” this is a record about how everybody has that special someone.

In addition to the album announcement and new single, Juice WRLD’s family issued the following statement:

“This Friday we will be honoring the life and art of Juice WRLD by releasing his album, ‘Legends Never Die’. We feel that this collection of 15 songs best represents the music Juice was in the process of creating. The album shines a light on the collaborators that meant so much to Juice and deeply impacted his musical process.”

Listen to the new song below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Have you fallen head over heels for somebody
That made promises to give you the world?
I really hope they held you down
I really hope it was no lying ’cause my heart breaks
It feels like the world’s gone
But if the love’s real, you’d feel your soul roar like a lion
And you’d finally let bygones be bygones
Don’t throw in the towel, I know it feels like you’re the only one trying
You just gotta learn to live and love on

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