Kari Faux – “While God Was Sleepin…” Single


While God Was Sleepin…

Kari Faux

Kari Faux is back in action with her brand new single, “While God Was Sleepin…”

For the past six years or so, Kari Faux has been leading the wave of Internet rappers in her own way and with each drop, she proves that she has even more to offer. Today, she unleashed her latest single, “While God Was Sleepin…” which continues to showcase her musical growth. She storms in over aggressive, crunchy drums with an urgent “Wake up!” at the top of the track before going in on the hook. There’s a heavy East Coast element to both her delivery and production choice. However, by the time the verses come in, she reels back as if she’s creeping through the production with swift wordplay.It’s been over a year since Kari released her last project CRY 4 HELP featuring Curren$y. Thankfully, her new project Lowkey Superstar is getting ready to drop soon. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

Quotable Lyrics
Now that n***a think he love me, ate my period blood
Sex magic, got him doing whatever rolls off my tongue
One and done, vamoose, I sent him back on his way
Next time we run into each other, I won’t remember his face

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