Kash Doll’s – New Song”Wake Up”

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Wake Up

Kash Doll

Kash Doll needs everyone to catch up to her on “Wake Up.”

Kash Doll dropped “Wake Up” on Friday, and the Detroit rapper did not hold back on dragging those less ambitious than her. Her evident “grind never stops” mentality is illustrated through the metaphor of sleep throughout the duration of the track. Promoting the common misconception that rest equates to laziness, Kash Doll calls out all of her unmotivated peers for sleeping when they could be making bank. To Kash Doll, waking up early has a direct effect on making money. Getting up before the sun leads to checks upon checks, and staying in bed lost in dream world means staying broke. Productivity can only be achieved when your eyes are open, so wake up, b*tch.The urgency of the message to get up and chase the bag, however, is somewhat lost in the underproduction of the track. Unlike the speed at which Kash Doll hustles, “Wake Up” moves sluggishly, even feeling disjointed at times where it could have built on the artist’s momentum in the lyrics.


Quotable Lyrics

You still sleep b*tch, that’s why you broke as f*ck
You still in your pajamas, that’s why you ain’t got no money
B*tch I’m in the Bahamas, somewhere where it’s sunny
Cause I’m for the bag, I’m up for the cash, I’m up before the sun is

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