Keke Palmer & TK Kravitz Turns Up On “Got Em Mad”


Got Em Mad

Keke Palmer Feat. TK Kravitz

Keke Palmer returns with a new single “Got Em Mad” featuring TK Kravitz and drops a cabaret-style music video.

A week and a half after dropping her single “Virgo Tendencies,” Keke Palmer returns with a new track. The talk show host is thriving on television as a co-host of ABC’s Strahan, Sara and Keke, but it looks as if she’s continuing her industry domination by sharing more music with the world. “Virgo Tendencies” told the tale of a relationship gone bad because Keke’s partner was neglecting her needs. For her latest single “Got Em Mad,” Keke goes cabaret and spices things up with a sexy show.This rollout seemed to be leading up to the announcement of a forthcoming project from Keke as it’s rumored that her next project will be titled The Boss. The talk show host is no stranger to the music industry as she’s previously released two albums: So Uncool in 2007 and Waiting to Exhale in 2016. Check out the steamy video for “Got Em Mad” and let us know if you’re looking forward to more music from Keke Palmer.

Quotable Lyrics

I been movin’ alone, I ain’t never need no one
Count on nobody but me
Now a n*gga think he could come round
Tellin’ me he’ll hold me down
That ain’t gon’ satisfy a thing
Bae, I know you know what I’m about
That’s why you thought approachin’ me
Was the best thing for you
You tryna come up off-key
So I play like I can’t see
That’s why I got you mad at me, yeah

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