Lil Baby Features Lil Wayne On Fresh Drop “Forever”

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Lil Baby Feat. Lil Wayne
Lil Baby taps Lil Wayne for new “My Turn” highlight “Forever,” marking their second collaboration of the year.
Lil Baby has officially joined the party with his new album My Turn, which hit streaming services at midnight and featured another collaboration with Lil Wayne. Having first linked up on Funeral’s “I Do It,” Lil Baby and Wayne have continued to build on their autotune-tinged chemistry with “Forever.” Not to be confused with Weezy’s elaborate posse cut from 2009, this one features an up-tempo drum arrangement, a subtle sitar loop, and haunting choirs laced by Twysted Genius.
Lil Baby Forever My Turn

“I got murder on my mind like that lil’ n***a Melly,” raps Lil Baby, setting things off in the opening verse. “Big boy rocks, stud the same size as Nelly.” While still melodic in his delivery, Baby brings a little more intensity to this one — perhaps for the benefit of those questioning his credibility on the streets. “I don’t know if they think I’m sweet because I’m rappin’, but fuck ’em, we get active,” he warns, closing out the chorus.

It’s a good time to be alive. We’re only two months deep in 2020 and we’ve already received a plethora of new Lil Wayne music. Picking up where Funeral left off, Weezy makes a suitable counterpart to Baby (history repeating itself, perhaps) and snaps in typical fashion. “Pupils dilate, don’t judge me, I’m with a sex slave, she like rough D,” brags Wayne. “I got a text straight from the plug, he said ‘There’s a drought’ I said ‘Funny’.”

Check out the My Turn banger and sound off below — are Lil Wayne and Lil Baby a duo worth following?

Pupils dilate, don’t judge me
I’m with a sex slave, she like rough D
I got a text straight from the plug, he said “There’s a drought”
I said “Funny”

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