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LilTonyRose Releases a Deep Meaningful Track ‘Letter To My Father’


They say that some of the best tracks out there are the ones that are deeper and more personal, with artists looking for a way to share their stories and create a much more profound connection with their audiences. This is definitely the case of “Letter To My Father,” a brand new song by the talented LilTonyRose, a hip-hop artist with a focus on creating music that feels catchy, but also personal and meaningful. As the title might suggest, the song deals with the story of the artist’s father. In particular, it talks about all of the many difficulties that he had to endure through life, even starting from a very young age.

Life wasn’t always easy for LilTonyRose’s dad, as he had to go through so many tragedies and hardships growing up and in life. At times, his behavior actually put the artist through a lot of pain, but the rapper understands that there is always a good side to him, and he still loves his father, so much so that in the song, he asks God to protect him in the streets and even grant him forgiveness for all of the pain that he might have caused him.

This is a personal and very deep song with an important lesson: at times, being able to forgive is the only way to heal. Holding a grudge forever means that you’ll never fully be able to get rid of the negative energy, while with forgiveness and understanding, there is always a way out, heading for a better life.

In addition to the truly emotional message of the song and the personal story relating to the artist’s father, the track is truly killer, as the production is sick and LilTonyRose’s flow is absolutely on point here. He definitely knows what he is doing behind the mic, and the track features a one-of-a-kind sound that knows no boundaries in terms of versatility and creativity.

The artist definitely gave it his all in this song, and the quality of the music really does speak for itself. As far as emotional hip-hop goes, this is one of the best and deepest examples out there, due to the lyrics and sound of the track.

Find out more about LilTonyRose, and do not miss out on “Letter To My Father.”

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