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Marcus Swain aka Solstice Brings The Heat On New Track ‘Lacrimosa’


Marcus Swain, better known as the artist Solstice, moved to Birmingham after finishing college and saw a lot of potential for the city to become a musical hotspot. Solstice, who switched his musical career path from rock to hip hop, has observed a shift in culture that is more tolerant of hip hop musicians and sees it as a home to some of the game’s greatest up-and-coming talents. Solstice has great expectations for himself and his profession, hoping to pave the way for future hip-hop generations. Currently, on his endeavors, Solstice recently released a new song titled “Lacrimosa” and it is a certified hit.

Before Solstice begins to lay down his beautiful vocals, “Lacrimosa” opens with a violin-based melody. As he sings about an old love and the lessons he learned from it, he adds how now that she is gone, he can be himself, which is a freeing sensation for anybody. He will carry the lessons he learned from this relationship with him for the rest of his life and will not allow it to happen to him again. You can sense his emotion in this tune, and his willingness to express himself will have you fiending for more.

Lacrimosa” is a big step in the right direction for the rising artist and is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Solstice has made it clear that he has what it takes to be a contender in the game today, and it will only be a matter of time before he gets his big opportunity. Stay tuned as Solstice continues to grow as an artist because it is far from the last time you’ll be hearing his name.

Stream Solstice’s “Lacrimosa” on Spotify Below.

Connect with Solstice on social media for updates on new music, videos, and more; @solsticexmusicx

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