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Matthew Siegal Releases New Single ‘IDRK’

Matthew Siegal

Matthew Siegal has once again surprised everyone with his new song “IDRK”. It sends listeners on an emotional journey. It is currently trending all over the internet as the number of steams continues to grow. Matthew is now everyone’s center of attention.

Matthew is a gifted musician with a knack for creating catchy compositions that get you in the mood to dance. “IDRK” is no exception, as you can’t help but dance to it once you hear it.

“IDRK” also makes it quite clear why Matthew is different than others. The chill beats and unique melody that is a recurring theme throughout all of his work separate him from the rest of the pack. You just can’t get enough of this man.

Rumor Records has gone well above and beyond the creation of his EP. Their efforts are paying off, as all three tracks from his EP,  ”Energy”, “Lost” and “IDRK” are being streamed more and more each day. The EP’s production and mastering quality are outstanding.

You can listen to ‘IDRK’ here:

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