Twitter has been one platform that’s gotten Meek in trouble on more than a few occasions. Remember the Drake beef? The feud with Nicki a few weeks back? Despite the public brush-ups he’s had in recent years, it’s ultimately a place where he can share his thoughts with likeminded people including his fans. However, his latest take might not be felt by everyone.

The origins of twerking stem from the New Orleans bounce scene and have links to the African diaspora but in 2020, it’s damn near a mating call across North America. Meek, though, isn’t with it. As someone who’s previously bragged about blowing bags in the strip club, it appears that the soon-to-be-father of two isn’t with all the booty shaking any more.

“Twerking is like a guy with big stacks of money hanging out his pocket so everybody can see lol I tired of seeing all that shit lol,” he wrote on Twitter. “Y’all burnt twerking out.”

Meek isn’t the first rapper to denounce the art of twerking. Cam’ron got into a public spat with his ex after sharing the same sentiment as Meek on the matter of twerking. “Twerk videos is played out sis,” it read on a meme he shared to his page. “Post a video of you reading out loud.” Even if you disagree, you can’t hate on a man for encouraging literacy.