Megan Thee Stallion Chaffs Date for ‘Suga’ Album Release

We’ve been hearing about Megan Thee Stallion‘s Suga album for a while, as she’s shared some of the contributors that are supposed to appear. From how she says it, SZAPharrellJuicy J and Kehlani are supposed to be on there. Now, in a profile with Rolling Stone, she talks about finishing college, her mother’s passing, her private life and rise to the top of the charts.

She also divulged that Suga may be coming out May 2 on her mom’s birthday. Though that date falls on a Saturday, fans wouldn’t mind getting for New Music Friday.

Here’s what she said about the G-Eazy rumors and working with Skateboard P in the studio:

“These are my immediate girlfriends, and we all have a lot of guy friends. But now, it’s just a public thing. People think that if I’m hanging out with anybody, it got to be, ‘Oh, they’re having sex.’ Why can’t I just be turnt up with my friend tonight?. They’re just doing this shit because they want some attention, and I cannot feed into it. I have a little anxiety, because I’m still going through the grief from losing my mother and my grandmother. Then I have to get on the internet and see these motherfuckers talking about me? That shit really be pissing me off sometimes.

I would go in and write a song and the beat would sound one way, but by the time he gets done to it, it’s a whole new song. I had never worked with a producer before that goes back in on his own beats and changes a bunch of stuff, like post-production. ‘Wow, these beats don’t even be done? That’s crazy.’”

Read the full article with Rolling Stone HERE.

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