Method Man & Busta Rhymes Releases “What’s Happenin'”

2004 The Island Def Jam

What’s Happenin’

Method Man Feat. Busta Rhymes

Birthday boy Method Man absolutely snapped on his classic single “What’s Happenin’,” featuring fellow legend Busta Rhymes.

Today marks the forty-ninth birthday of Method Man, Wu-Tang legend and an all-around incredible emcee. With an impressive discography under his belt, including the classic Tical, the Redman-collaboration LP Blackout, a vast repertoire of Wu-related endeavors, Method Man remains one of the most appreciated voices in the hip-hop pantheon of greats. And yet still, he doesn’t always get the appreciation he deserves. Therefore, it seems only fitting to pay homage to the Man himself with a throwback banger off Tical 0: The Prequel.Method Man Birthday It’s always interesting to go back to the onset of the millennium, specifically 2004 in this instance, and contrast the music with that of today. For some context, the Busta Rhymes-assisted “What’s Happenin'” was a single, earning rotation with its nostalgic beat from DJ Scratch and heavy emphasis on bars and flow. The pair are well-matched, with Meth’s cool charisma striking a match and Busta Rhyme’s madcap energy serving as the fuel. “Be in hell with gasoline drawers just for the hell of it, and I ain’t delicate, flows hot as kettle get,” spits Mef. “Now if you ain’t fucking with that, you must be celibate.”

While Tical 0: The Prequel wasn’t exactly well-received at the time of its release, “What’s Happenin” has aged particularly gracefully, sounding almost fresh despite its raw aesthetic. The premise is simple: two veteran emcees going back and forth in the name of fun and sport, a pickup game that rises in competitive intensity with every taunt. Big respect to M-E-T-H-O-D Man, and happy birthday!


I came to bring the pain, more hard to the brain
I’m busting that ass again
I burn like acid rain, that ass is lame
These n***s tryna see how I come, ask your dame
Ain’t it evident I’m hittin’ it? Yes, Meth for President
Be in hell with gasoline drawers just for the hell of it

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