Mozzy Releases His New Song “Tunnel Vision”

Via YouTube

Mozzy is back in action with his latest song, “Tunnel Vision.”


Mozzy’s hot streak continues as he returns with his latest drop, “Tunnel Vision.” The rapper gets back into his bag and in his thoughts with his new single as he details the hardships that have shaped him into the person he is today. “How you n”’as eatin’ but won’t let your partner nibble/  Treat ’em like a peasant, he gon’ pop you fo’ dem fiddles,” he raps detailing the strength of his character. The flushed out R&B vocal samples fog up the kicks, giving Mozzy center stage to shine as the plush instrumental taps further into the introspection.

Mozzy kicked the year off with his single, “Overcame” and recently appeared alongside ShooterGang Kony on “Dearly Departed.” Following a productive 2019, Mozzy clearly isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon.

Quotable Lyrics
To love one unconditionally is bulletproof
The way I prayed, I knew my patna nem were pullin’ through
AMG and red Forgis what I’m pullin’ through
It’s just to motivate the youngin’s, really come from nothin’
Post Traumatic Stress, we really suffer from it
I’m haunted by my past but I ain’t runnin’ from it


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