NLE Choppa Delivers “100 Shots”

No Love Entertainment/Warner Records

100 Shots

NLE Choppa

17-year-old Memphis rapper NLE Choppa continues his rapid ascent with his latest single “100 Shots.”

It has never been so soothing to hear a teenager randomly mumble lines about Betty Crocker, followed by more about Martha Stewart, than it is now. 17-year-old rap sensation NLE Choppa released his debut project Cottonwood last year and in 2020, he’s established himself as somebody to look out for. Fresh off the release of “Exotic” to top off the year, the young star-in-the-making is already back with more heat, releasing “100 Shots” last week.Accompanied by a music video, NLE Choppa has officially come through with “100 Shots.” The song showcases the Memphis upstart in his element, dancing foolishly in the clip as he always does and simply exuding charisma. The track was released via No Love Entertainment and Warner Records, serving as yet another reason why NLE Choppa is somebody to keep your eyes on.

Quotable Lyrics:

Few months ago, I got head at the Grammys
That shit was too boring, I’m whorin’ and askin’
Two M in his door, I’m door dashin’
He dropped to the floor but the gun keep clappin’

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