Ohio Artist Joseph Toth aka DJ Collab Brings a New Sound in 'Difference'
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Ohio Artist Joseph Toth aka DJ Collab Brings a New Sound in ‘Difference’

DJ Collab

Joseph Toth, aka DJ Collab, comes from a family that has always enjoyed the 9-5 corporate world and has never ventured outside of their comfort zone, and he wants to be the first to do something different. He began studying how to be an artist when he was 19 years old and deployed for the US Navy in the middle of the ocean, and he hasn’t turned back since. DJ Collab has gained local notoriety and is now aiming to take it to the next level. He recently released his song “Difference.”

DJ Collab’s listeners and fans are excited for late summer evenings after hearing “Difference,” a collaborative single with QuanDot and Vanni. As they touch on being different and the benefits that come with it, the three musicians combine their abilities to produce a catchy upbeat mood that is second to none. Nowadays, too many individuals try too hard, yet they’re only here to have a good time and ladies like that. They’ve done something with this one, and fans are looking forward to the next installment.

Difference” is unlike any other song now on the market and demonstrates the musicians’ abilities. DJ Collab has established the tone with this tune, and we can anticipate more of the same from him in the future. Keep your eyes peeled because he’ll be making movements out here soon, and you won’t want to miss out.

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