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PapiVersace Offers Up New Music Video For ‘Sayin Tho’


Currently calling Texas home is rising rapper PapiVersace who is looking to carve a name for himself in the music industry history books. Coming from a family where all of his uncles were musicians and producers, PapiVersace has always known that music was going to be the route for him. In an effort to take his career up another level, PapiVersace recently offered up his latest music video for “Sayin Tho” and it’s an absolute hit.

Taking place in a nice hotel, the “Saying Tho [Official Music Video]” creates a one-on-one experience with PapiVersace as he raps about his new life and the experiences he’s been through to get here. The camera focuses on PapiVersace as he flexes his money and the women that are around him and his main boys now that he is up in his career. The video gives a perfect depiction of the way PapiVersace wanted the song to come across and has helped him tremendously in creating a subconscious connection with his fans.

Receiving great feedback on the “Sayin Tho [Official Music Video]” has PapiVersace feeling some type of way. Now more than ever he is eager to create and bring more music to his fans. Be sure to keep an eye on PapiVersace as you won’t want to miss out on his future releases like this one.

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Watch PapiVersace’s New Music Video for “Sayin Tho” on YouTube Below:

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