Princess Nokia – “Harley Quinn”

Princess Nokia

Harley Quinn

Princess Nokia

Femme fatale music.

Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey is doing its thing in theaters, but Princess Nokia wants that energy to be shared through music as well. The talented artist dropped off Everything Sucks last week, blessing fans with new music. The project opens with “Harley Quinn,” a confrontational and energetic single that slaps. An electronic instrumental that sounds like a bumblebee mixed with a robotic ukelele permeates the record, giving it a dance vibe.

Princess Nokia wastes no time pumping the energy up on this one. “Harley Quinn” sounds like it would work best at a music festival, where thousands of people in the crowd could get wild to the track. Nokia is aggressive, petty, and sexy all at once on “Harley Quinn,” and will surely inspire several “mood” memes. Even if electronic music isn’t your thing, this single hits.

Quotable Lyrics
Welcome to the circus
I’m causing a disturbance
I’m twisted in the head
I’m a little bit annoying
I’m gross, I’m sick
I’m too legit to quit


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