Red Cafe Invites Young MA & Kojo Funds For”Tunn Up”

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Tunn Up

Red Cafe Feat. Young M.A & Kojo Funds

There’s something about the NYC-UK crossover that’s really hitting a sweet spot for club-ready bangers. Today, Red Cafe teamed up with Young M.A and Kojo Funds for their new collaboration, “Tunn Up.” With the obvious connection of Jamaican culture heavily influencing regional cultures in London and New York City, Red Cafe, Young MA, and Kojo Funds deliver a banger with sprinkles of dancehall infused into the production and melodies.

Kojo Funds has been one of the hottest artists in the UK for a while, supplying hooks for other major artists in the scene while also delivering quality projects and singles. Perhaps we’ll be hearing more crossovers into America from Kojo Funds.

Peep the new single below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
Bad gal turn up (Wagwan)
Spliff mi ah burn up, pull her skirt up
Toes, dem a kill out
Mi freaky, make them girls wet like Fiji

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