Rob Markman Grabs The Ichiban Don & Saint Pat Beatz For “Head High” Track

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Head High

Rob Markman Feat. The Ichiban Don & Saint Pat Beatz

Seasoned journalist Rob Markman revisits his rap roots alongside The Ichiban Don and Saint Pat Beatz with a new track titled “Head High” that sounds straight out of the boom bap era.

You can easily find him interviewing some of your favorite rappers on the regular over at Genius, but veteran hip-hop journalist Rob Markman can deliver some pretty dope bars in his own right. Take a listen to his new offering titled “Head High” which features The Ichiban Don and Saint Pat Beatz to get a better understanding of what we mean by that.Rob Markman The Ichiban Don Saint Pat Beatz Head High new music

Head High” proves that Markman is without a doubt a student of the ’90s rap era. The track offers a hard-hitting beat courtesy of Saint and lyrics that speak to a struggle that many who’ve had to live through a rough upbringing can certainly relate to. That doesn’t mean he can’t talk that talk when he wants to though, which you hear in the first few seconds of the opening with the declaration “you see me, you see greatness — what the f*ck I got to be humble about?!” They say it takes one to know one, and it looks like Rob considers himself to be just as talented as the artists he interviews daily. You got to respect the confidence, for sure.

Listen to “Head High” by Rob Markman featuring The Ichiban Don and Saint Pat Beatz below, and let us know if you think the bars match up with his editorial pen game:

Quotable Lyrics:

I never had a bite
Can’t wait until the afterlife
I read the passion, Christ
This is what my passion like
A hustler, manic-like
Far from the panic type
Try and get the package right
Going hand-in-hand at night

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