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Roc-A-Fella & Memphis Bleek are Entirely Wrong About Nas Not Being Competition to Jay-Z in a VERZUZ

Memphis Bleek Talks Jay-Z, Nas VERZUZ Battle

Memphis Bleek talks Jay-Z, Nas VERZUZ battle, stirring up some controversy after saying nobody can be compared to the Jiggaman. While this is likely never to happen, Memphis Bleek made some eye-raising comments this week.

In a conversation with Bally Sports, the Brooklyn rapper was asked who would win an VERZUZ battle with Jay-Z and Nas. It was expected that he would pick his mentor from his stomping grounds in Bed-Stuy, but not the response many expected.

Bleek went as far as saying that Nas stood no chance against Jay-Z, which we find quite alarming for him to say this about the person that singlehandedly ended Roc-a-Fella Records. Although Jay has ascended to become a billionaire and business mogul, he’s still a rapper at heart.

What Bleek doesn’t understand, is that Illamtic is still hip-hop’s bible book, with every track from the album going head-to-head with anyone. There is a comparison, because Nas is the only rapper ever to defeat Jay-Z in a battle.

Before DMX passed, he wanted to do a VERZUZ with Jay-Z, which we’re sure another Lox vs. Dipset situation would’ve happened with street records getting more praise than the critically acclaimed commercial hits. Take a look at media below.


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