Rod Wave Delivers New Single “Thief In The Night”

2020 Alamo Records

Thief In The Night

Rod Wave

Rod Wave discovers emotions he never knew he had on the emotional new single “Thief In The Night.”

Melodic rap music has never been more popular, and Rod Wave is well aware of that fact — hell, if one is talented enough to use it to their advantage, why not commit to the cause? A few days ago, the Alamo signee came through with his brand new single “Thief In The Night,” which came equipped with some Cole Bennett-directed Lyrical Lemonade visuals. Off the bat, it becomes clear with what type of song we’re looking at, with a soulful blend of pianos and guitars blending nicely with Rod’s contemplative hum.Rod Wave New Song

“Okay, we ridin’ ’round strapped, you can tell I did this before,” he sing-raps. “You can tell I’ve been here before, ‘fore I go to sleep, I ask God for a miracle.” The man is clearly hurting, and the reasons behind his pain unfold as the one-verse song progresses. A recent break-up to make-up seems to be weighing on his mind, a seemingly endless cycle. Especially when the violent nature that comes with his habitual gunplay-by-night starts to bleed into the relationship.

As an artist, there’s something inherently appealing about Rod Wave. He feels trustworthy, in that both his threats and his romantic musings ring authentic. It’s unclear which one he values more, but I suppose that’s part of what makes his conundrum so compelling. But seeing as we’ve already witnessed the dangers of the rap game manifesting in varying tragic ways, perhaps its time for Wave to lay down the arms and embrace the simple pleasures of true love.


Revolver gang, we pull up, drop, and get away with it, days with it
Better tell them boys to pay attention cause stains are different
Be lost in my thoughts bae, I’m trippin
Made her fall in love, then beg for distance
She told me that I’m wrong for that
She told me that I’m wrong for that
She leavin’ and she’s never comin’ back

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