Smoke DZA & Tish Hyman Goes Against The “Rules”

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Smoke DZA Feat. Tish Hyman

Smoke DZA & Tish Hyman’s “Rules” is elite-level hip-hop.
Smoke DZA’s intentions might not be to cross over into mainstream hip-hop, but if he continues to release songs like “Rules” he might just find himself in the midst of the limelight. With the release of his most recent musical offering in A Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed (2020), Smoke DZA stepped outside of his usual bar-driven sound and experimented with more melodic elements, inviting T-Pain to harmonize on tracks like “Dark Web” and teaming up with Wale and Phil Ade on groove-heavy anthem like “Fiscal Thoughts.” While those tracks standout, “Rules” is the perfect balance of hip-hop purists’ needs in combination with mainstream sonic elements.

There’s nothing like a good high-pitched soul sample, low-end constant bassline, and intense drum sequencing to channel the sound of authentic Harlem hip-hop and producer Eestbound did exactly that. While Smoke DZA’s performance, wordplay, and delivery were flawless, Tish Hyman was the glue for this track to be as high-quality as it is. The Bronx-bred songstress/emcee’s unique vocal cadence provided not just this song with a fresh perspective but really allowed DZA’s entire project to show some elements of diversity.

Listen to Smoke DZA’s “Rules” featuring Tish Hyman in the streaming link provided below and let us know your thoughts on the track in the comment section.

Quotable Lyrics

I hit the girl with the light flex
She call me up for some night sex (uh)
I bought her a pair of some nice breasts
Now that b*tch lookin’ priceless (yes)
(Uh) Roll up a back and then relax
Ben Choppa, I blow a bag in Saks
I knew a short who lined n*ggas for packs
I hadda tell her I ain’t talkin’ ya body I’ll get you snatched (like)
Not like Bernice Burgos snatched (like)
I’m talkin snatched like Liam Neeson can’t get you back

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