Stro Goes All In On “F.O.Y.”




Sunday morning music

Stro doesn’t get enough props. The young lyricist dropped off Back On Saratoga this past week, and the project is a journey. Stro’s penchant for storytelling guides him throughout the album. “F.O.Y.” is a soulful single that has nostalgic vibes. The airy pianos on the instrumental make the listener feel as if he or she is floating.A sampled and somewhat harsh-sounding hook juxtaposes with the mellow instrumental to create a unique sound. Stro lays down lyrics about his childhood over the jazzy sample and calm pianos. There’s something very calming about “F.O.Y.” This is the perfect track to play on a Sunday morning, it just has the Spring weekend energy.

Quotable Lyrics
When I was young, I would never stress
I would give all I had to give
And live ’til there’s no living left
I ain’t have a phone I could live through
I ain’t have bills to get to
If I ever was ever tripping I would look at television
As a little bitty kiddie, I would get through

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