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‘Sunset Avenue’ Is The Latest Gem From Charlieonnafriday


When 18-year-old Charlieonnafriday left his hometown of Seattle, Washington on a recording trip, he had no idea of the music that was to come. Not from the trip itself, but rather the emotions he would feel in Los Angeles, over 1100 miles away.

Charlie admits to being homesick during this time, and wrote “Sunset Avenue” as a reminiscence to the stomping grounds where “you know I feel my best”.

The emotions conveyed throughout the song are representative of those actually felt by Charlie at the time, and he hopes to show others the experiences he’s felt throughout his life. I’ve always loved walking into a setting and changing the energy in the room in a positive way, the only way to do that on a bigger scale was through the music,” he once said in an interview. With his youthful hip hop style and feel-good music, Charlieonnafriday is well on track to achieving such things.

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