Supreme Ace Appreciate All The Queens On “Trophy”

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Supreme Ace

Supreme Ace lists down all the reasons why the queen in his life is a certified prized possession with his new single titled “Trophy.”

Sometimes the best way to express how you feel for the one you love is through song. Denver-bred emcee Supreme Ace is the latest to prove that theory as fact with a new single titled ‘Trophy” that breaks down all the reasons why his shorty is an absolute queen. Valentine’s Day is weeks in the past, Ace makes an argument for why it’s never too late to cherish that special someone and all the things they do to keep you coming back for more. From spending moments together that feel timeless to enjoying bedroom activities with the camera rolling, “Trophy” is definitely one of those songs you play for anniversaries, birthdays or even when you’re just trying to get yourself out of the doghouse for doing some dirt.Listen to “Trophy” by Supreme Ace below:

Quotable Lyrics:

Now every time I’m with you I feel like we never miss
And if I tell her no, she don’t never throw no fits
And when we in the mirror, she just want to take pics
And in the bedroom, she just want to make flicks
Look, she say I’m tripping and I tell her ‘Where?’
A trip to Bali just to see the views
I’ll hold your doors and I’ll pump your gas
‘Cause I’m a fool for the things do

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