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The Fugees Cancel 25th Anniversary Tour Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

The Fugees are killing us softly with their tour cancellations. Ok, I admit that was a corny opening sentence. Anyway, the news remains the same. Earlier today, The Fugees announced that they would not go on tour to celebrate the release of The Score due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“The continued Covid pandemic has made touring conditions difficult, and we want to make sure we keep our fans and ourselves healthy and safe,” the legendary group wrote.

“An idea sparked to honor and celebrate this 25th anniversary of The Score but we see now it may not currently be our time for revisiting this past work.”

The tour was supposed to begin last November at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. However, it was delayed due to a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases around the country. Unfortunately, the delays has now turned into a full postponement. Fortunately, there are a few fans who were able to see The Fugees do a pop-up show in New York as the tour was being announced.

“We’re grateful for the special night we did get to share with some of you in New York, with that rare live moment. If opportunity, public safety, and scheduling allow, we hope to be able to revisit this again sometime soon,” the group continued.

“Thank you for all of your love and support throughout the years.”


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