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Wiz Khalifa Joins Chevy Woods To Stay “Alive”

Album Cover For "Since Birth"


Chevy Woods Feat. Wiz Khalifa

Living life at its peak.

Chevy Woods graced fans with his debut studio album Since Birth this past weekend. The project is a vibe, and displays Woods’ growth as an artist. Of course, Woods had to reach out to his Taylor Gang boss Wiz Khalifa for a track. The two team up for “Alive,” which is a hip-pop mellow single that has high hopes. The poppy nature of this song coupled with Wiz Khalifa’s presence signifies Woods’ urge to push this one on a radio level.”Alive” is a good song, but it lacks replay value. Wiz’s verse, which comes in towards the end of the record, hits perfectly. Wiz is in his bag on records like this, and his comfort level is familiar. We do wish that Woods and Wiz did another song on the album together, something with a little more “turn up” quality. Still, “Alive” is a satisfactory single from the two artists.

Quotable Lyrics
First class flight on the plane, you the man
It’ll all work out when you stick to the plan
I’ma need a check or a bag full of cash
Remember when I felt like trash in a can
I made my own so I live by my rules
I had shows, ain’t nobody come through

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