Young Nudy Loads Up On Track “Do It With The…”

RCA Records/Young Nudy

Do It With The…

Young Nudy

Young Nudy gets into his gunplay bag on “Do It With The….”

Young Nudy is coming off the release of his debut studio album, Anyways (2020), and one of his most standout cuts on the sixteen-track LP comes in the form of the album’s closing song “Do It With The….” The 27-year-old emcee has shown consistency throughout his very young career releasing two projects in 2019 with Faded In The Booth in April and Sli’merre, alongside Pi’erre Bourne which peaked at the 63rd slot on the Billboard Hot 200 Albums chart. Now, Young Nudy is showing off his unorthodox flow on one of his most popular album cuts, “Do It With The….”The track produced by COUPE is simplistic in nature featuring extraterrestrial-esque synth pads while descending scales of jazz piano chords add an extra layer of musical elements and heavy 808 bass notes thud throughout the instrumentation. The Atlanta-bred emcee dances on the beat effortlessly while delivering a myriad of gun bars warning his opposition that he’s still about that life.

Listen to Young Nudy’s “Do It With The…” off of his recently released album, Anways, in the video provided below and let us know your thoughts on it in the video provided below.

Quotable Lyrics 

Late night with them sticks, my nigga, I like to mob (I do), yeah
Take a nigga pack and then I turned into a trapper (Ooh), yeah
Turned to a trapper, trapper turned into a rapper (Ooh), yeah
And don’t get this shit twisted, my nigga, I’m still a clapper, yeah
Don’t get this shit twisted, my nigga, just ’cause I’m a rapper, yeah
Bitch nigga better not forget I’m a rapper that like to rob, yeah
Still dressed in all black ’cause nigga, I like to rob, yeah
But you know I’m paid, but I can’t change my ways, yeah
Listen to this stick, this is what it say

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