Young Nudy Shares “No Comprende”

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No Comprende

Young Nudy

Young Nudy asks all the right questions on new “Anyways” banger “No Comprende.”

Never one to box himself in, Young Nudy has officially shrugged off the traditional Friday release date and dropping off his brand new Anyways album this afternoon. Clocking in at sixteen tracks and fifty-eight minutes, it’s a major effort from the affable Slime Boss, who has continued to perfect his whimsical trap formula. And why not, given that it has helped set him apart as one of Atlanta’s more interesting up-and-comers on a musical level. Given that Anyways only recently arrived a half-hour ago, it was difficult to engage in a deep dive off the bat. Yet there was something about “No Comprende” that called out to me.Perhaps it’s the infectious beat from 20 Rocket, which sounds like a young robot discovering that drug dealing is hardwired into its coding. Lyrically, Nudy has more questions than The Riddler and he’s eager for answers. “Damn, where your potted pan?” asks Nudy. “No weight on your block, who is this man?” He proceeds to float over the instrumental in typical fashion, firing off his free verse bars and taking the piss outta anyone he deems unworthy. “Kick a n***a head like Jiu-Jitsu,” he warns. “When it come to gettin’ money that’s what I’m gon’ do!”

Quotable Lyrics

How do I know you? You ain’t been in these streets for none
Been in the field busting guns
Tunnel vision runnin’ from twelve for none
Duckin dodgin bullets, n***a it was fun
Shit mo’ better when a n***a got a gun

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